MAP4K5 assay

Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase kinase 5

Synonyms: GCKR, “germinal center kinase-related”, KHS, KHS1

Family: STE

MAP4K5 is a member of Set kinase family and functions as MAP4Ks activating MAP3Ks, which signal through the well-established MKK4/MKK7, c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK), or stress-activated protein kinase (SAPK) cascades1.

MAP4K5 kinase assay is run on mobility shift microfluidics platform (Caliper), which provides best in industry quality of data. We routinely run services associated with this kinase including: screening, profiling, dose-response studies and kinetic measurements. Please contact us for more information.


1. Wang OH, Azizian N, Guo M, Capello M, Deng D, Zang F, Fry J, Katz MH, Fleming JB, Lee JE, Wolff RA. Prognostic and functional significance of MAP4K5 in pancreatic cancer. PloS one. 2016 Mar 29;11(3):e0152300.