JNK1 assay

JUN N-terminal kinase 1

Synonyms: JNK, “JUN N-terminal kinase”, SAPK1, PRKM8

Family: CMGC

JNK1 is a member of c-Jun N-terminal kinases family that plays a central role in stress signaling pathways implicated in gene expression, neuronal plasticity, regeneration, cell death, and regulation of cellular senescence1. JNK pathway was shown to be activated following exposure to different stressing factors, including cytokines, growth factors, oxidative stress, unfolded protein response signals or Aβ peptides. JNK1 has broad tissue distribution and plays important role in the modulation of immune cell function and in the development of the embryonic nervous system.

JNK1 kinase assay is run on mobility shift microfluidics platform (Caliper), which provides best in industry quality of data. We routinely run services associated with this kinase including: screening, profiling, dose-response studies and kinetic measurements. Please contact us for more information.


1. Yarza R, Vela S, Solas M, Ramirez MJ. c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) signaling as a therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease. Frontiers in pharmacology. 2016 Jan 12;6:321.