Unique Microfluidics platform

Nanosyn mobility shifts assay were developed to measure enzyme activity by monitoring substrate modifications. They are done in vitro and allow performing high-throughput screening and profiling as well as dose-response and kinetic studies. This information can be used further to unravel the mechanism of action and used to drive hit-to-lead optimization.

Product/Substrate separated

This platform has a number of benefits:

  • Extremely Precise – Readout allows for very precise determination of enzyme activity based on changes in the product/substrate ratio.
  • Exquisitely Sensitive – Accurately identifies inhibitors not detected by other methods, requires small amount of protein, no fluorescence background interference
  • Rapid Turnaround – Large install base of microfluidic systems provides quicker results. largest in industry park of instruments
  • Maximum flexibility – System appropriate for small or large compound sets, one target or a panel of targets.